Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta: Colorado Blvd.

700 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: (303) 316-8651

Styles of Pizza: New York style thin crust, Sicilian thick crust
Service: dine-in counter service, delivery, carry-out

Standout Tidbit: Can’t find it? Can’t blame ya. Anthony’s is tucked away in some sort of odd mall at 7th and Colorado near the CU Hospital. Park in the back, off of 7th Ave, and waltz right in.


Review: I have a problem with pizza.

In the past three months, I have eaten pizza on three continents. I have eaten a myriad of odd toppings. Thousands of calories consumed. And each time I eat pizza I say “Sure Gavin, I’ll write a review.” But the astute reader will notice that this is my first review.

Yes people, I have been eating pizza and NOT reviewing it. Until, that is, I went to Anthony’s Pizza on Colorado Blvd. in Denver this week. Now, my song has changed. The pizza I enjoyed was too good to not review.

Anthony’s has a slew of locations throughout Denver, including the Denver Tech Center, where I often (too often by the looks of it) lunch. However, each location is independently owned, and service (and taste) vary from location to location.

Anthony’s za is fairly typical of “real” New York style pizza. A large pizza features eight flop-over-your-plate sized slices. The cheese pizza we had this visit was darn near perfect. The crust is thin and tasty (although I thought the butt of the crust was a wee bit dry for my liking). I found the sauce not too sweet, not too bland, and most importantly not too chunky. They top the pizza just right – not weighted down, but definitely not skimpy – an evenly-layered temptation of treats for your tongue.

But alas, nothing’s perfect. The bottom of the pizza was so floury (is that a word?) that I had flour all over myself. (I wasn’t the only one who thought that.) It’s a no-frills joint – the paper plates soak up the grease nicely, but otherwise seem cheap. You order, take a number, fill your own drink, and sit in bright, garish booths to wait. But with this price and a taste that is tough to beat, I’d say they’re putting enough effort into the things that matter.

In spite of its chain status, Anthony’s serves up a piping hot, grease-laden, delicious pie time after time. For a consistently good pizza, I’d recommend it is one of the better options in the Denver area.

Viva la za!

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