Daddy’s Pizza – Las Vegas, NV

2103 Western Ave.
Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Fax: (702)-386-0047
Hours: Mon-Sat 24 hours, Closed Sunday

Style of Pizza: Traditional thin crust
Service: Counter service dine-in, carry-out, delivery

1 Stars (1 / 5)


Review: We were exploring some non-tourist areas of Las Vegas, trying to find decent North-South travel routes that didn’t involve the strip or the freeway, when we spotted Daddy’s Pizza, or at least the sign that said “Open 24 Hours,” “Special! Slice and a drink $1.99.” It wasn’t on our list of places to hit, but we figured with a special like that we’d have to give it a try.

We were curious what could keep a Daddy’s open all night in a clearly industrial neighborhood – till we looked across the street. It turns out that Daddy’s Pizza is right across the street from Cheetah’s, a strip club that is also open 24 hours. Now we know…

Upon entering Daddy’s, we were welcomed by bright fluorescent lights, a loud TV, a plastic tree in the corner, and a huge cloud of cigarette smoke. My brother was convinced we had interrupted a local Bulgarian mafia “sit-down, ” as the only patrons in the joint were a table full of chain-smoking, Eastern European men who halted their discussion when we walked in. It seemed like they decided to leave when they realized we were dining in.

Although the menu was packed with Italian fare, Greek dishes, burgers, ribs, subs, chicken, and more (not to mention the white board with a separate menu in Russian), we couldn’t be dissuaded from our mission. We wanted our $1.99 slice and drink. DENIED! It was a daytime-only special clearly meant for local workers. At night they take advantage of the alcohol-soaked strip club patrons by removing the special and not doing slices. They did give us the carry-out discount on a 16” pizza for $5.99. Twenty minutes later we got our piping hot cheese pie, but had to wait a few minutes longer for it to cool down to safe temperatures.

This pizza was a pretty bad gut bomb. Although it clearly looked to be well baked, the almost flavorless “pellet” cheese was overly gooey. There wasn’t nearly enough of the canned sauce and the crust was mediocre. This instantly reminded me of snack bar or discount chain delivery pizza. I haven’t eaten a Domino’s pizza in years, but this was pretty much what I remembered.


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