Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta – Arvada, CO

3524 Wadsworth Bypass
Suite A
Arvada, CO 80002 map
Phone: (303) 940-3313

Styles of Pizza: New York style thin crust, Sicilian thick crust
Service: dine-in counter service, delivery, carry-out


Quick Review: While it was good, it didn’t quite live up to the Anthony’s reputation. This location features the same decor and ambiance that has become recognizable i in the ever-increasing numbers of Anthony’s joints around Denver and vicinity. No big surprise or disappointment here.

Now for the Za…while still quite tasty, I did find two main faults that knock this particular Anthony’s off the high pedestal.

#1 Our 18″ cheese pie was actually only 18″. In many locations you are often rewarded for your choice to dine in with a pie that overlaps the boundaries of the tray by a couple inches all around. With a pie that big, you KNOW you are done at 2 slices, this time i was forced to have a third 😉 , thus, less to take home for later.

#2 The pizza was slightly light on the sauce. I LOVE Anthony’s sauce, and I was missing the occasional pockets of deep red, well-herbed, red stuff.

#3 I figure this pie was overcooked by about a minute. The crust was a brittle step beyond the perfect balance of crispy and chewy. The cheese had also just begun to develop a hard skin.

I know this is knit picky, but some of you may recall that my fist exposure to New York style pizza was through Anthony’s. I tend to hold them to a higher standard. I just think the Arvada location has a little work to do.


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